Why you Deserve a Luxury Bathroom

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Out with the old and in with the new. Bathroom styles are currently experiencing an emergence an elegance usually reserved for the main living areas, luxury spa amenities, and large amounts of space.

Lighting just isnโ€™t there for your Morning Routine

Recessed lighting is always popular, but how do you make your bathroom more dramatic? Thatโ€™s right chandeliers! They are making their way from the entryway to the bathroom. Chandeliers bring a classic touch to a modern room.

Soaking Tubs or Whirlpool?

The late nineties and early aughts brought in many large corner whirlpool tubs, while these are still popular, soaking tubs have had a resurgence in popularity. These tubs have sleeker lines and are more elegant without wasting a large amount of space around to accompany the jet gear. Instead of the corner tub, builders are building alcoves around the tub to give you your own special space to relax and unwind.

How many Showers Heads is too Many?

ย A tub and shower combo may be ok for your guests, but a true luxury master bedroom will have a separate space for the shower. Marble is a huge hit with luxury showers with benches for the user to take a break. With recessed areas for your shower products and multiple showerheads, youโ€™ll never want to leave.

Sinks, and Why Multiple is Necessary

Getting ready in the morning with only one sink to share in a master bedroom is just an argument waiting to happen. The bigger the sink area and storage, the better. Yes, you can store more, however, itโ€™s more than that, itโ€™s having your own space while brushing your teeth and not bumping into someone. Sinks for the bathroom are trending bigger (think farm sink), which is helpful for washing up and not getting the counter wet.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

When talking about luxury regarding homes weโ€™re usually talking finishes or details, but with mirrors, weโ€™re talking quantity. The rule should be one forward facing and a medicine cabinet next to it so that the gazer can see themselves from all angles should be required. The better the mirror reflects natural light into the room the more natural you will look once out of the bathroom.

Fun Luxury Needs and Wants

Is your bathroom exactly the way you want it but it needs some finishing touches? Here are some ideas as to how to bring a pop of color or happiness to yours today!

  • Same color palette bath products.
    • Have a room of soft greys and whites? Have a soft pop of color by buying local soaps that are rose or lilac, romantic and amazing smelling at the same time.
  • Fresh Flowers
    • Have neutral colors throughout? Fresh flowers are a luxury. Having fresh blooms in your bathrooms will add a touch of elegance, smell, and of course decoration at the same time.
  • Open Shelving
    • Open shelving can lend to having your colors tie in with your towels as well make it inviting and open to any guests you may have.

There are so many choices to make when remodeling your bathroom but with todayโ€™s trends, you canโ€™t go wrong and just keep thinking that you will be relaxed at the end no matter how long it takes!

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