What Makes a Luxury Homes Luxurious?

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There are many small details that make a house a home, but what makes a home luxurious? I could expound for hours if not days on the details of a spa-like bathroom or an all the bells and whistles included kitchen, and what that all entails, but what else makes a home just a little more. ย There are multiple items that go into a luxury home, like surroundings, rooms, finishes, and size.

Room to Roam

When I think of luxury homes, I think of top-notch finishes, but I also think of large flowing rooms with an abundance of natural light. Energy efficient large windows are not cheap, but those sort of finishes makes it just that much better especially when you have great views.

Room to roam doesnโ€™t just count for inside your home, but as an addition to your land. Homes that come with ponds, or are on a lake hold a special place in my heart and especially those with a nice view. Having the time and energy to enjoy the outdoors is luxurious on its own, so itโ€™s a good idea if you are busy to bring that to your home so you can easily access the wonder of it.

Specialized Rooms

A multitude of fun functional rooms makes a home luxurious as well and as a joy to be in. What kind of rooms you may ask?

  • Movies and More: A room set aside for a theatre with surround sound and appropriate seating is amazing for those that canโ€™t get out of the house for a night out.
  • Game Night: A set aside room for either family game night or just gaming, in general, is a great plan. Your gaming might include a pool table, an air hockey table, a shuffleboard table, or of course the favorite, a poker table. ย 
  • Home Spa: Move over spa bathroom and say hello to a steam shower and sauna combo. Make your home your sanctuary where you never want to leave. Relax your body and rejuvenate your mind.
  • Home Bar and Wine, Oh My! A full bar area with a sink and/or a wine room is never a bad idea. Wine rooms or bar areas are a natural area for gathering and having a cocktail or a leisurely glass of wine.

Luxury Living

Luxury means something different for everyone. It can be space, it can be views, and it can be just the extra touches a large house gives you. Making the house your home is most important though. Those touches like the upgraded kitchen accessories and countertops is something to look for as a staple, as well as high ceilings and wide planked hardwood floors, which are harder to find these days. If you arenโ€™t traveling a lot, your home is where you will spend the vast majority of your time when not at work. Why not make your home your luxurious castle with everything you want it to include? Be it a den, a wine room, a treehouse, a firepit, a game room, you have to do what makes you happy as youโ€™re the one living there!

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