Tips on Styling the Home

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Dreaming about owning that perfect luxury home is now a reality. You have signed on the dotted line, forked over your life savings for the down payment and now have a glorious home that needs to be decorated. With ample space it could feel like a daunting task to think of where to begin. You can hire an interior decorator to help with this exciting project or face the task head on. With so many options, websites, DIY videos on You Tube, or interior decorators in the area it shouldn’t be so daunting with a plan. Having a plan will make a beautifully decorated home easily achieved.

A beautifully decorated home not only has to do with the personality of the owner but also the feel of the atmosphere and functionality of the space. Each room should have a natural focal point such as a fireplace, bay window or large piece of art. When choosing furniture, each piece should be functional for that specific room. Don’t choose a large piece of furniture that takes up to much space or a piece that is too small, trade furniture for something that works for your space. Draw out your room and mark where the focal point shall be placing furniture towards that point. Balance pieces around the room that appeal to that space. For lighting is should be appropriate for that specific space as well as visual appeal, not a huge chandelier that is hung in a small room for reading. It will surely be an eye sore. Lighting should enhance texture, color and room details; using accent lighting or recessed lighting. Mood and personality are as important when creating ambiance for the specific space. Mood is dependent on choice of color cues, furniture style, texture or patterns. Personality can be interwoven into the space through family décor pieces, pictures and other personal items.

Specific trends that are popular can be integrated into the decor of the home to keep the appearance up to date and fresh. Trends do change from year to year but this doesn’t mean you need to keep up with the Joneses. To keep décor having a fresh look items/colors should be changed around from time to time. A few popular trends for this year include the following:

  • Green Color Scheme
  • Mixed Patterns
  • Upholstered Head Boards
  • Faux Finishes
  • Raw Whites such as chalk or milk bone
  • Navy Blue instead of black

No matter what the “popular trend” is for that year, design your home to fit the needs and personality of your family. Trends can be timeless and remain popular for years. For example, burlap has been popular for a few years now along with stainless steel appliances. Decorating the interior of your home should be fun, functional and based upon the personality of your family.  Most importantly make it fun and decorate your home with what you love! Happy Decorating ☺

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