Luxury Homes Cozy Up in 2021

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The year 2020 provided us with the opportunity to rethink our priorities and the way we are living. No where is that more evident than in our homes. Those buying luxury homes today are moving away from wide open spaces and cold modern designs. Today’s home buyer is returning to a more traditional way of life from the home’s floor plans to the home’s décor. Some of the ways that we are returning to the warm and cosy feeling of traditional design are

  • Entertainment Spaces:

As people have been spending more time at home this past year, their priorities regarding entertaining have shifted. Today’s Luxury Home buyer is looking for multiple areas in which to entertain. Living rooms are no longer show pieces – beautiful to look at but cold. Today’s home buyer is looking for traditional entertainment spaces that provide the homeowner with a sense of comfort and safety. Cozy, comfortable living rooms, games rooms and home libraries that provide multipurpose areas and intimate spaces in which to entertain close friends and family.

  • Wellness in design:

Living within four walls for the past year has made us all more aware of our need to become intentional with our wellness goals. This means incorporating wellness into the design of our homes. Luxury Home buyers are looking to create an atmosphere in their homes that support personal wellness by creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere. To this end, we are seeing more plants in the home as well as green spaces outside the home. All of that greenery brings us a sense of calm and serenity that only nature can provide. Natural materials such as wood, stone, sisal and wicker are all on trend and bring a natural element that helps to create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere that we all look for right now. 

  • Traditional Design:

With more of our lives: work, fun and school taking place in our homes, we are all feeling a bit nostalgic for simpler times. Home design aesthetic is reflecting this longing for nostalgia. We are seeing homes that are balancing the old with the new. We will be seeing exposed beams and original wood floors living in updated homes with modern features. This creates a rustic vogue charm in our homes providing us the feeling of remembered safety and serenity of days gone by. Grand Millennial design popular in 2020 isn’t going anywhere and we can expect to continue to see a combo of grandma’s living room pieces mixed with modern décor bringing a traditional, peaceful feel to our homes.

Today’s home buyer is still looking for a Luxury Home with all the amenities. The difference is that today’s Luxury Home buyer expects all those amenities wrapped in a cozy, comforting traditional package. Today’s homes prove that you really can have it all.

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