Make a Luxury Home a Smart Home

smart home automation

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We all know technology is evolving every day. From new phones, vehicles that drive themselves and now smart home technology. Smart home technology also known as home automation is being allowed to control almost every aspect of the home. From home security, heating, lighting, entertainment systems and much more from a smartphone device. If you own a luxury home or contemplating purchasing one, smart home technology is something you will want to consider.

But where do you start when selecting smart home automation for your luxury home? You will want to select devices that work for your home, technology capabilities, and personal needs. Below you will find a list of 2018 top smart home options.

Love to Entertain?

My favorite smart home gadget so far is my Amazon Echo. Connect your Echo to your home network and Alexa will do almost anything. Well within reason. She can order pizza for you, play almost any song you want, keep your life on track with appointment reminders, and control home lighting. You can even shop by telling Alexa what to order for you! Options are endless with Amazon Echo and for $99 it’s a must-have!

Philips Hue Smart Lighting gives you control of every aspect of home lighting. Set the mood at your next gathering by dimming lights, adding color lighting, or conserving energy just from your smartphone. You can also have lights turn on/off when windows or doors open/close. Going on vacation, set the Philips Hue to turn lights on/off at random times to think people are home.

luxury home smart home automation

Luxury Home Protection

Protecting your luxury home and the family inside is important. Being able to monitor not only what is going on outside but inside from your smartphone is comforting. Netgear Arlo Pro provides indoor and outdoor monitoring. Two-way audio to talk to those inside or outside and a rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 months. This system provides motion and audio alerts, 130-degree viewing and runs around $250.

Ever wonder who comes to your door while you are gone? Or upstairs, showering and someone is at the door? Monitor who comes to your door with SkyBell HD Wi-fi Video Doorbell. This smart home device has 1080p high-def resolution, on-demand live streaming, and free clip storage. I love this option! Because when I am home alone I am able to monitor who is at my front door from my smartphone. Price starts at $145.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Energy efficiency was one of my major requirements when building my luxury home. Being able to control my home temperature environment from a smart device is epic. Not only do these systems save money on your energy bill. But therefore will allow you to control the temperature when you are home or out of the house. Alerts are sent to your smartphone if the temperature falls or rises out of your set range. If you are going on vacation your smart thermostat will keep the home at a predetermined temperature. Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Amazon Echo has touch screen display, remote sensor and pinpoints hot or cold spots in your home.

Almost everyone has a different preference for what is important when choosing smart home automation. Personally, my top choices would be a smart thermostat to stay energy efficient along with a security system I can control from my smartphone. As a result, with a little research, you will find what you need to make your luxury home a smart home.

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