Design Trends for Luxury Homes in 2020

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If you’ve recently purchased or are planning to purchase a luxury home, you know that it can be easy to get caught up in the architecture and amenities of luxury houses. Choosing the right interior design elements, though, can be crucial to making your new homework for your lifestyle and really impressing guests. Picking the right furniture and color palette can make your house feel homey without losing the “wow factor” about the house that initially caught your eye.


Luxury Home Trends – What’s “In” This Year

Interior design trends – especially where high-end, luxury homes are concerned – change quickly, and choosing the wrong colors or furniture can make a home feel dated. But since trends change so frequently, it can be daunting trying to constantly keep a pulse on the interior design world. Here are some trends for luxury homes that are sure to stay fresh throughout 2020. 

  • Try painting a room all in one color – even in the same shade of one color! Using one color throughout a space makes it feel elegant and chic, particularly in a luxury house. 
  • When embracing a monochromatic look for a room, choose a bold, deep color like a jewel tone in order to really make a statement. 
  • Instead of cool tones that had been popular over the last decade, in 2020 try using earth tones. Using warm, natural colors as the neutrals in your color palette makes your luxury home feel more comfortable and inviting.
  • Try blending classic design elements with contemporary pieces you love. This trend – known as “Grandmillenial style” – will make your luxury home look fresh, stylish, and inviting. 


Luxury Home Trends Going Out-of-Style in 2020

If you want to show your new luxury house in the best possible light, it’s important not to choose decorating trends that are going out in 2020. While some pieces of furniture and interior styles are timeless, some looks just won’t be trendy in luxury homes in the new year. Try to move away from these trends in 2020.

  • Cool neutrals are going out of style in the new decade, including the trend of layering various shades of grey. Luxury houses sometimes struggle to look comfortable and homey, and banishing cool neutrals can help with this. 
  • If your luxury home has all-white doors and trim, consider painting them to maximize how much of a statement your home makes! All-white in luxury homes can seem sterile and uninviting.


Planning the Right Interior for Your Luxury Home

While some of these trends might inspire you and mesh well with your vision for your luxury house, it can be hard to design an interior without an interior designer. An interior designer is an expert in color schemes and furniture styles and can help to update interiors that you like with modern trends. Find several interior designers whose work you admire, listen to their visions for the interior of your luxury house, and choose the design that inspires you the most.

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