Virginia Luxury Homes for Sale

  • Elegant Shenandoah Valley Winery & Wedding Venues

    Elegant Shenandoah Valley Winery & Wedding Venues

    Here is a family-run business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that produces a large selection of high quality, award winning Virginia wines. It also is one of
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  • White Hall Vineyards

    White Hall Vineyards

    White Hall Vineyards is a spectacular farm winery located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Whitehall Virginia, about 14 miles northwest of Charlottesville. The property
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  • Classic Stone Manor Home

    Classic Stone Manor Home

    Classic Stone Manor Home Available for the first time since its construction, this stunningly beautiful hand crafted stone manor home is located at the base of the Blue
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  • The Mansion at Fort Chiswell

    The Mansion at Fort Chiswell

    The Mansion at Fort Chiswell is a historic home located in Max Meadows, VA which is Southern VA in Wythe County. It was constructed in 1840 by Stephen
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  • Popular Waterfront Luxury Event Venue with Multiple Home

    Popular Waterfront Luxury Event Venue with Multiple Home

    Luxury waterfront estate with 2 residences and an established top-notch reputation now available for purchase. For additional information, be prepared to provide a signed NDA, proof of funds,
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  • Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    An incredible vineyard situated in Central Virginia, and prizes itself as not only a gorgeous estate and an award-winning winery, but also a highly sought after wedding venue.
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  • Elegant Central Virginia Winery

    Elegant Central Virginia Winery

    This magnificent winery is located at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains in an ideal microclimate for the growing of Vitis Vinifera. Established over three decades ago
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  • Orchard House B&B

    Orchard House B&B

    Incredible opportunity to own a charming B&B, wedding venue & vineyard! Sitting on 13.7 acres, this property includes two historic homes with nine en-suite guest rooms with separate
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Want to buy a Luxury home in Virginia?

..before you do a Google search for Virginia Luxury 

Homes for sale, here are some things you should keep in mind.


What amenities do you want in your Luxury Home:

Before speaking to a real estate agent, it is important to make a list of amenities that you wish to have in your home. Perhaps you want an ocean view or to live in the mountains, or you entertain a lot and want a huge dining room, a patio and a wine cellar, maybe you are a movie buff and your dream is a luxurious home theatre. Luxury homes are full of amazing amenities and it would be easy to get swept away by them. However, knowing what is important to you ahead of time will allow you to focus on the perfect home for you from the start.


Hire a Real Estate Agent who specializes in Luxury Homes for sale in Virginia:

You want to buy a Luxury Home and want to get a sense of what’s out there. Before you Google Virginia Luxury Homes for Sale, find a real estate agent who specializes in selling Luxury Homes in Virginia. When buying a standard home, you can just Google homes for sale ogle the lovely photos and dream that it is yours. Many people selling their Luxury Homes do not list them publicly in order to protect their privacy. A realtor who specializes in selling Luxury Homes will know what is for sale in the local area and can guide you towards the Luxury Home of your dreams.


Don’t decide on a home from looking at pictures and video walk through:

If you are tempted to Google Virginia Luxury Homes for sale, don’t decide on the worthiness of the home by the images that you see in pictures or a video walk through. Luxury homes are not always photogenic. You could be dismissing out of hand a home that is amazing and perfect for you because of some not so great images that you see online. Ask your agent to make an appointment and go see the house in person. Discover how it looks up close and to get a sense of how the home makes you feel.


Check out the neighborhood:

You’ve decided on the perfect area and want your real estate agent to focus on this area but you have never been there. Spend time in the neighborhood. Walk down the streets, take a drive. How does it feel to you? Do you see the types of restaurants, stores and breweries you want to visit? Is the neighborhood as quiet as you were hoping? Did you want a family friendly area but there is a pub on every corner? Or did you want a great upbeat nightlife and nothing is happening after 8pm? It is important to “live” in your chosen neighborhood for a bit to see if it really is a good fit before you decide to buy your home there.


Research the neighborhood:

You have decided that yes this is the neighborhood of your dreams. Now you have some research to do. Find out what the cities’ plans are for the neighborhood. Will they be doing a lot of building in the near future? Are they creating new green areas and adding amazing bike paths? Perhaps these are amenities you desire and are willing to live with a little noise and mess while they are created. Perhaps they are building new office buildings or condos. Where are these to be located? How will they change the neighborhood? And will they block your view? It is important to do your research. You are spending a lot of money on a luxury home, you want to know that the view and the neighborhood that you put your investment into will remain as is for many years to come.


Take your time so that you can get exactly what you want:

It can be tempting after you have done all this research and work to rush into buying the first home you see that feels like “the one”. Don’t rush it; take your time. Due to the higher price tags of Luxury homes, there are fewer buyers and less competition so luxury homes are slower to sell. This means that you will have plenty of time to talk to your real estate agent, schedule that in-person walk through (or a few) and get a true feel for the home and the area in which you would be residing. If by chance you do miss out on buying the first perfect home for you, use the experience to talk to your realtor about what you loved about the home (why was it perfect) and to talk about the things you weren’t as happy with but were willing to overlook. Have an honest conversation with your agent and soon you will be on your way to finding an even better perfect home.


Buying a Luxury Home takes a little more work than just googling Virginia Luxury homes for sale but the extra effort that you put into your Luxury Home search will reward you with a wonderful investment and a beautiful home for years to come.