Mulberry Farm


Looking for an energy efficient home with a historic feel? Built in 2012, Mulberry Farm is 104 parcel acres with a stunning 3,600 square foot home with net zero energy. Tucked into the hillside of Stuart, Virginia this charming home only takes the energy of two hairdryers to keep you warm and cozy on those cold blustery winter nights.

In 2013, Mulberry Farm earned both LEED Platinum standards but also German Passivhaus for energy efficiency. This homestead was designed by no other than Kaplan Thompson Architects and to maximize solar gain, these engineers merged the home with hillside. Another amazing aspect of this estate is the green roof was built to allow the local wildlife to graze atop the roof. How spectacular would that be to witness wildlife grazing on your roof on a daily basis!

The architects of Kaplan Thompson built the home to last. Designing a solid concrete structure to use 90% less energy than the average sized home, making the heating bill is than $500 a year. That is less than a monthly car payment to most! Also the structure was built from sustainable materials free of VOC’s and formaldehyde. Local white oak and black walnut from Virginia were used to construct the homes cabinetry and flooring. Water for the property comes from a well and storm water runoff is recycled, stored and utilized for landscaping purposes.

This Mulberry Farmhouse includes 3 spacious bedrooms and a spectacular outside terrace where you can watch amazing sunsets. Impressive technology was used for the structure of the roof where embedded electrical fields were placed throughout the roof that will detect leaks over the lifetime of the house. Similar technology is used in parking garages and other structures to pinpoint leaks that are not visible.

Mulberry Farm was designed with a measure of thoughtfulness and unique to any other farmstead in Virginia. This impressive property is energy efficient conserves water by recycling storm water, beautiful and will leave you in awe.

3.5 million dollars has been invested into this one of a kind energy efficient home. Owner financing may be an option to those interested buyers who are well qualified.

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